Film Festival Apollon


International Film Festival “Apollon-Aphrodite”

 It is for the first time in the world that the International cinema festival “Apollo-Aphrodite” will be held in Saint – Petersburg (Russia) and different foreign countries for people with physical disabilities (sight, hearing, speech). The festival will be held along with the Areopagus of Arts “Apollon” and “International charity fund of humanitarian interaction”.

   People with physical disabilities (vision, hearing, speech) can participate in the festival, including cultural workers and students with different levels of education with detailed physical disabilities, and people with normal physical abilities, including cultural activists.

  The aim of the Festival is to engage to realistic perception of the cinema (visual-oral phenomenon) through unlimited spiritual possibilities inherent in vision, hearing, speech and touch of all the people, including people with disabilities. The most important role in this subject belongs to such a spiritually rich human sense as love and tactile perception of human reality, spiritually-meaningful by its nature and hence physically (visually) manifesting itself with the recipient with disabilities.

  Thus, a truly innovative movie “True love” can serve as a model for the cinema festival (written and directed by Santi P. Jayasekara). The heroes of the film: people with disabilities of sight (the pianist and poet), hearing and speech(the artist), as a strong-willed spiritual tension, the true love of heroes to the girl – sigh-language interpreter who can see, makes the pianist-poet internally and even largely physically sighted when he strongly perceives the spiritually-expressive painting, and the artist becomes capable to hear internally and even physically, to hear the music spiritually ennobling and be able to understand a spiritually oriented audible speech.
Thus, the fundamental outlooks for a particular kind of cinema have been almost intended.

  The opening of the Cinema festival in St. Petersburg is arranged for November 28, 2016 (19:00) at the address Bolshaya Morskaya st., 45.
The organizing Committee of the Festival
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