At the initiative of the International University of Fundamental Learning, for the first time in Russian and world history, the International Areopagus of Arts ‘Apollo’ is held in St. Petersburg /October 2007/, which aims, in accordance with its name, to consolidate the world’s most authoritative artists to determine their highest achievements in various types of art (literature, painting, theatre, cinema, ballet, etc.).

Apollo (Pheb) is a Greek Olympic god, guardian of cosmic and human harmony, the bearer of light in life. The Greek language does not allow disclosing the etymology of the name Apollo (it most probably has non-Indo-European origin). The name “Apollo” itself thus has an Intercontinental meaning.

In Greece, the Delphic (Pythian) Games (6th century B.C. – 4th century A.D.) were held in honour of Apollo – the patron of arts.

Apollo is a musician (ciphara). He is the patron of singers and musicians, the inspiration and guide of the Muses (Euterpa – lyric poetry, Calliope – epic, Thalia – comedy, Melnpomene – tragedy, Terpsichore – dance, Clio – history, etc.). Apollo teaches wisdom and various arts, ends strife and gives strength to the people. Apollo is the organizer and mastermind of morality and the various arts.

The first sculptures of Apollo date back to the 8th-5th centuries B.C. The image of Apollo featured prominently in the art of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and other historical periods (painting, music, literature, etc.).

The Areopagus was the highest judicial and political authority in ancient Athens, Greece. Allegorically, it is the highest spiritual court in the spiritual realm, including the arts. An assembly of authority figures to decide important matters, including creative matters.

Apollo and Areopagus internally coincide in their main functions and are in organic interaction. Apollo and Areopagus are symbolic concepts with international fame and international recognition.

The International Areopagus of Arts “Apollo” organizes and conducts various creative events (concerts, performances, etc.) with the participation of artists from different countries of the world.

The participants and artists are honoured by the Areopagus Jury with the award of the Apollo (Belvedere) statuette made of marble or plaster, as a reward for high creative achievements.

The award is given according to the individual art forms. The main criterion for evaluating an individual work of art, an author’s work of a certain period or taken as a whole, as well as the activities of a representative of any art during a certain period or during an entire creative life, is the ability to strengthen and develop through art the interaction between the different peoples of the world, the bearers and exponents of different cultures, for the benefit of each and everyone living on our restless planet.

The Apollo International Areopagus of Arts, which is a public event, has been held every two years since 2007 in various cities around the world, with the assistance of public authorities of various kinds and levels.

A special International Fund for the Apollo International Areopagus of Arts is being set up.

An initiative group, including representatives from different countries and various organizations, forms an organizing committee for the Areopagus, and, on the basis of the requests and suggestions received, determines its composition and that of the Areopagus Jury. Thereafter, the members of the Areopagus can be elected as jurors.

The address of the Organizing Committee of the Areopagus of Arts “Apollo”:

St. Petersburg and Paris

The main goal of our policy in the field of culture is to ensure the preservation in a single cultural space of the diversity of the entire accumulated value system and the support of the people under the auspices of our Apollon Honours of Laureate awards for the famous specialists in cultural activities , artists, actors, musicians, military services, scientists, professors, honored writers and poets, masters of sports, politicians and philosophers etc.

We are working in the direction of “Support for Contemporary Art and Science” as part of the implementation of the National UNESCO program.

Laureate Apollon Award is one of the highest Honors in the World . This award, which was established on October 16, 2007, was later transferred to IUHAC in Paris in 2021. It is very important to note that this is one of the most famous medals and awards in the World, which is issued only in IUHAC Paris, France. The Laureate Apollon medal is recognized worldwide. The committee that issues the medal is the French University Council committee. The committee consists of 21 French and International professors in difference fields. On the advice of the committee, a decision is made whether the participant of the program is worthy or not the worthy of being nominated for this award. Several of the most famous people in the World have been nominated and awarded medals and an Apollo certificate of Laureate.

The list of some laureates are presented below:

Prof. Gregory Jauvais, France, a famous French writer who wrote more than 80 books in Medicine.

Prof. Izueitov Andrey , Russian Federation – Philosopher, Nominee for the Nobel Prize in the field of Philosophy of Interaction

Prof. General Kovalenok Vladimir Russian Federation – Lieutenant General and President of Space Federation of Russian Cosmonaut

Prof. Victor Busa, Italy, President of the Italian International Parliament of Safety and Peace

Prof. Agop Kerkiacharian, France, UNESCO Peace Program Creator , President of World Scientific Congress, Doctor of Medical Sciences in Surgery, France

Prof. Richard Jeranian France, Famous French Artist , Mora that 15 arts works are in State Museums , Academician of French Academy, (Russia, France, Armenia)

Prof Michelle Menegato, Italy, H H Price, Prince of Principality of Seborga

Prof H H Princess Nina Menegato , Italy, Principality of Seborga

Prof Hwans Sang keun Korea,  UNO Geneva held Master Class and Art Exhibition

Prof Zhanat Kozhamzharov, Kazakhstan , Creator of UN Health Program

Prof Mahinda Balasooria, Sri Lanka,  General and Chief Inspector of Police , Director of Interpol Sri Lanka

Hon. Rajitha Senaratne, Sri Lanka, Vice Chairman of the WHO, UN , USA Minister of Health Sri Lanka

Hon. Felix Perera, Sri Lanka, Minister of  Social Service Sri Lanka

Prof. Drozdov Nikolai, Russia , Famous Russian zoologist and Television Reporter/presenter, Doctor of Biological Sciences

Prof. Busov Evgeni, Russia, Admiral of Russian Fleet , Crietion of Theory Radiology

Prof Abdugafar A, Tajikistan, Deputy Minister of Culture, Tajikistan

Prof Naumov Vladimir, Russia, President of Russian State Film Academy, Famous Film Producer, Film Director, Mosfilm

Prof. Tonino Guerro, Italy, Famous Film Scriptwriter, Poet

Prof Danis Faada, France, President of Renaissance Française, All French Speaking Countries in the World

Prof Oberoi Singh, India, Philanthropist, Investor  Health Programs in India

Prof. Arman Lawson, Sweden,  scientist, 10 patents for inventions in medicine (heart and brain treatment), 2013 (USA) the man of the year in medicine


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