International contest Program – Competition “ MUSE COMMENWEALTH “APHRODITE “ Since 2007 as part of International University of Fundamental Studies (IUFS) the International Areopagus of Arts “Apollon”

International contest Program – Competition “ MUSE COMMENWEALTH “APHRODITE There is a pressing truly historical demand of creation as part of MUFA, along with the Areopagus Arts Apollo, as a limited liability company (LLC), the International Competition Program “Fraternity of  Muses “Aphrodite”
According to Greek mythology, the Muses instruct and comfort people, give them a convincing word, sing the higher laws of life, connect past, present and future, arrange the state of the world and establish a harmony in it. The muses devoid of any violence and despotism. They spiritually convince and guide, along with this they are tender and compassionate, they have a beneficial and impressive effect on people. Essentially, the activities of Muses internally and intimately are directed by Aphrodite – goddess of love.
Nowadays humanity, everything and everyone is under a powerful spiritual pressure, the permanent threat of their destruction: global and regional. In this way it is vital to have durable and mutually acceptable, affordable and universal and for all, attractive spiritual support to internally resist ill-negative.
Real support, in this case, can and should become universal and all-embracing love, as a special for all and all for everything, their environment, attitude, independent of age and gender, ethnic and social status of man; love as excluding any violence against yourself, and often occurs suddenly, internal attraction of one person to another person, irresistible internal need and a special kind of creative energy, enhanced care and constant attention, a gentle caress and a high pleasure, blissful excitement and pleasant soothing, gentle touch and a deep emotion, uncontrollable desire and silent urge, stimulation and satisfaction. There is a basis to say that a motive and a powerful symbol of all this is Aphrodite, in Greek mythology the goddess with Space and terrestrial features of powerful and permeating the whole world love, pacifying aggression and violence, strengthening the wisdom and the reasonable way of life, approving the interaction of various beginnings, and causes duropolymer, which gets a very different expression, including the sublime, ecstatic one.
Of course, the various signs of love can be manifested in reality in different ways and in different measure.
It is known that women constitute a clear majority of mankind. Their appeal to Aphrodite, as their high internal guide will help women to successfully implement its inexhaustible and diverse opportunities for the world.
Both Muses and Aphrodite are accessible for perception by modern man, for understanding what they symbolically represent and really mean. This is facilitated by various forms of art and history, as a real phenomenon and as the science in wide sense.
Muses, in its mythological origin, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne are goddesses of poetry, arts and Sciences, that is, the creation of high spiritual beginnings.
Each Muse has its own sphere of spiritual activity, directing it and filling it with a special meaning.
Each of the Muses is also in charge of a certain sphere of artwork, which organically interacts with a specific field of scientific creativity.
There are nine well-known Greek Muses, critically important for women and for men. “Flame hearts and create love,” called N.Rerikh, the great thinker, humanist. He believed that the Great Female Origin leads the world to spiritual heights. True love is always beautiful.
Muse are the embodiment of this uplifting and sublimely beautiful beginning.
Euterpe  is a lyrical poetry. In science it can refer to author’s subjective beginning.
Clio – history. This is both real phenomenon, and its study.
Talia – Comedy. The therapeutic role of comic psychotherapy.
Melpomene – tragedy. The study of the inherently tragic phenomena, the tragedy of unexplained scientist.
Terpsichore – dance. The study of dance as a sacred psycho-physical phenomena.
Erato – love poetry. The study of love as a special spiritual and material and the unseen-personal phenomena.
Polyhymnia – hymns. The study of sublime-civil effects in art, especially music.
Urania – astronomy. The special role of spirituality in Space and in his special study.
Calypso – epic. The study of socio-historically-scale events.
Everywhere is really happening and really focuses on his study of the interaction of different principles in the basis of their material and spiritual, with the dominance of beginning of spiritual.
Muses come in the Fraternity interacting under the auspices of Aphrodite.
International Program-Competition “Fraternity of Muses “Aphrodite” involves the implementation of various international specific programs and conducting various international competitions for certain types of art, expressing your love in a broad sense and form the love in the broadest sense of their recipients, contributing to the creation of the unseen spiritual support to people that would be practically effective in their lives.

The winners will be awarded with a special medal “Fraternity of the Muses “Aphrodite” with the presentation of a special certificate. The winners will be selected by a competent jury.
For the successful practical implementation of the international Competition Program “Fraternity of  Muses “Aphrodite”” we create a limited liability company (LLC) “Fraternity of Muses “Aphrodite””, headed by its founders: Professor Shanti P. Jayasekara, President of the company, Rector of IUFS, Professor A.N.Iyesuitov, Vice-President, Pro-rector of IUFS,.

To form the management board of LLC “Fraternity of Muses “Aphrodite” consisting of: Shanti P. of Jayasekara (President), A. N. Iyesuitov(Vice-President), B. C. Lukoyanov (Executive Secretary), N. P. Kovalenko, Abaev S.S.
The management board can be updated and amended.
The Rector of IUFS , President of Apollon Mahatma Shanti P. Jayasekara


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